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Natalini Industries have been building in the California counties of Marin, Sonoma and Napa since 1994. As a family owned construction company located in Petaluma, we are passionate about our work, and particularly love the challenge of working on complex custom homes. Founders Leon Natalini and Sandra Natalini have a long track record in the construction industry, responsible business practices and an eye for design.

A collaborative process, with good communication between client, architect and contractor, is key to achieving our highest goal—client satisfaction. Throughout every project, we provide alternatives and recommendations as it progresses, in order to keep the job on track, and to anticipate and solve problems before they happen.

We are a B General contractor and a C-54 Ceramic tile specialty contractor. With these two licenses we can do a variety of projects. Here are a few:

Residential Remodel
Steam Rooms
Entertainment Rooms
Outdoor Kitchens
Stone Flooring

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Natalini Industries takes pride in protecting the environment. Over the last several years the environmental protection and preservation movement has continued to grow stronger. Natalini Industries is proud to be a pioneer in developing and standardizing eco-friendly general construction. Natalini Industries goal is to be net zero by 2035.


We take our jobs seriously, by complying with local building codes, we make sure our showers are water tight, by going above and beyond the building codes, Natalini Industries uses 3 layers of waterproofing to ensure your bathroom will never leak, Natalini Industries uses the state of the art materials, such as the tried and trued Schluter Systems. Schluter Kerdi is a pliable sheet-applied waterproofing membrane and vapor-retarder designed for the direct application of tile. For over 35 years, Schluter-Systems has chosen to incorporate recycled material into the manufacturing of many of its products. They also strive to reuse and recycle scrap and regrind materials in production, thus diverting materials from the waste stream. All of our products that Natalini Industries use are designed to increase the longevity of tile installations.

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